Video Production


From £200

The rise of of platforms such as YouTube is clear evidence as to the power and importance of video marketing for any business.

Pic Presents can create a business presentation video that will showcase exactly what your business has to offer. You can then display that video on your website, use in your email marketing and share on your social media platforms.


From £150

Video is a great way to market your products or services.

Pic Presents can work with you to create a video that will promote your business and attract new and existing customers to the service that you offer. You can then display your video on a special website landing page, use in your product marketing campaign and share on your social media platforms.

VIDEO Intros

From £100

A clear and consistent brand message is vital for your business and video marketing is no exception.

Pic Presents can produce a video introduction that you can use at the start of all your videos and online presentations. This intro will boost your brand's visual identity with a combination of video footage, logos and music.