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How To Make Better Use Of Smartphone Cameras

Some thought that camera phones would never catch on. The technology was dismissed as a fad and a gimmick. Incredible right? Today, it is hard to imagine where we would be without our camera phones. However, are we using them to full advantage?

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Can Wedding Videos Be Both Stunning and Affordable?

In short, the answer is yes! Wedding videos do not have to be astronomically expensive and you can get a stunning video for less than you might think…


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Top 3 Reasons Why Property Videos Rock

People love watching videos - fact. After all, can over 1 billion monthly YouTube users be wrong? So why aren’t you using the power of video in your property marketing? Perhaps this might change your mind.


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Wow! This knocks spots off thank you notes!

How to use video to create the most amazing thank you note... ever.

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Introducing Pic Presents!

Hello and a very warm welcome to Pic Presents!

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