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Pic Presents Creating Online Visual Images

Hi there and thank you so much for subscribing to my Pic Visual Images Tutorial course.


Below, you will find three videos that will take you through the process of how to create awesome, shareworthy visuals


In the first video, I talk about why we should create online images for our businesses. Just what are the benefits? 


The second video (the longest of the three) takes you through the four key tools that I use in my business - well - almost on a daily basis. 


Those tools are: PicMonkey. Canva, Wordswag and Piktochart.


I take you through the basics of each tool and point out what I feel are the best features to look out for. For example, the cloning tool in PicMonkey, the duplicate tool in Canva and the dynamic data option in Piktochart.


My final video looks at some tips and strategies that will help you to create the right images and share them with your audience.


Oh, and make sure that you don't miss out on the free creating visual images cheat sheet download at the end of the video tutorials!


I hope that you enjoy this course. Do let me know if you have any comments or suggestions (


Meanwhile, I would love to see the images that you create. Feel free to share them with me via the social media channels below or by email:

Pic Visual Images Tutorial

Video One: Why Create Visual IMages For Your Business?

Video Two: The Four Visual Tools You Will Need

Video Three: Tips And Strategies For Creating Visuals