3 Super Speedy Steps To Brilliant Blog Images

Easy Blog Image Design

I am passionate about blogging. I believe that a blog is an extremely powerful and important business tool - no matter what industry you are in.

To harness the power of blogging, you must make the reader’s experience while consuming your content enjoyable. One way to achieve this is by creating stunning blog images.

However, many of us are not graphic designers and most of us are, well, pushed for time.

The good news is that, if time is an issue, you can create visuals for your blog in minutes. Really.

By the end of this blog post, I will show you how to design images for your blog in three super speedy steps.

So here goes!

Step 1 - Look To Your Content For Inspiration

While you are writing or editing your blog’s content, always keep an eye out for a good ‘image-worthy’ comment. When you find this type of comment, highlight it and start to think about good ways to transform it into a visual.

For example, the title of this blog post is “3 Super Speedy Steps To Brilliant Blog Images’. Even now while I am writing these very words, potential images are flashing through my head. I could, for instance, use an image of some steps, or of someone running.     

Meanwhile, I am also thinking about the concept of saving time. Personally, I would love to spend hours designing blog images. However, as a small business, I don’t have that luxury. So this post is about being productive and managing my time effectively.

Images for this could include, clocks, watches, egg timers or stop watches.

Do not worry if your text doesn’t inspire images.

I know just how you feel. I edited a magazine about the financial derivatives market for ten years and was in charge of most of the visual content - including the front cover design. It was often a challenge to find an image to accompany some of the more complex, technical articles!

However, in those circumstances, all you need to do is go abstract. By that I mean select a stunning image that could convey any message and add a text overlay to make it relevant to your content.  

Step 2 - Search For Your Image

Once my content has given me the idea for an image, I go to a stock photo library website. The site that I use the most - because it is free and generally awesome - is Pixabay

I start by typing my keywords into Pixabay’s search engine. See below for some of the results that I got for the keyword ‘steps’:

I usually do a quick scroll through the images that come up and see what picture stands out. As I do this, I am also thinking about how easy it will be to overlay some text onto the image later.

For example, I might reject an image if it is really ‘busy’ or has a crazy mix of light and dark colours. These features will just make it hard for my audience to read the text that I will add to the image.

When I have found an image that I love, I download it and move on to my third and final step!

Step 3 - Customise Your Image

Now that I have my background image, I go into Canva.

Canva offers many different image templates and lots of different layouts for each template.

For my Pic Presents blog, I like to experiment with layouts and templates. This can take me a little more time as I tinker with colours and fonts etc. For example, I will look at the Facebook post template, click on it and scroll through Canva’s pre-designed layouts to see if there are any that take my fancy.

If not, I will create my own layout. 

For speed, I would recommend that you use the templates that Canva offers. Simply click on the design that you like and it will transfer over to your canvas. Some of these templates have a $ sign on them (when you hover your mouse over the template). This means that the photo or design feature used in the template will cost you $1 to use. Not exactly a prohibitive fee!

However, I already have a free image that I am happy with so I will just delete that image and use my own. I then upload that image into Canva and drag it onto my canvas. As you can see from the image below, the text that I have on my image is not standing out very well. 

I have chosen my layout
I have chosen my layout
I have deleted the original image
I have deleted the original image
I have uploaded my own image
I have uploaded my own image
I have made my text easier to read
I have made my text easier to read

To make my text easier to read, I have to altered the font's colour from white to red.

I have also changed my background image’s filter in Canva so as to make my text stand out even more. I then used Canva’s shapes menu to choose a rectangle to sit behind my tag line “to brilliant blog images”, which I made black and altered the shape’s colour transparency so that the text can be read easily.

When I am happy with my blog image, I always save it using my blog's keywords so that Google can identify what the image is all about.

Finally, I download the image to my computer and then upload it into my blog. As you can see from the image at the top of this post!

And there you have it. Three easy and super speedy steps to brilliant blog images.

But wait… there’s more…

Would you like another tip that will enable you to create blog visuals even faster? Of course you do!

I have another blog that I run for fun. It is a film review blog where I am attempting to watch and review 500 films in 500 days (you can find it here www.500daysoffilm.com). 

I am trying to post content every day for this blog. As a result of this high blogging frequency, I decided to find an even quicker way of creating visuals. See below for some examples:

To do this, I have created my own 500 Days Of Film blog image template. No matter what film I review, this template remains the same. All I do is upload a new background image and change the film name every time. It takes me minutes - literally.

Thanks for reading! I would love to see your blog designs. Why not share them via the comments section below! 

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