6 Steps To Perfect Content Curation

6 Steps To A Perfect Content Curation Strategy www.picpresents.com

Content curation is a hot topic right now. Little wonder really as we are all striving to consume and share the highest quality information without drowning in a sea of content.

We all have a hungry content monster to feed - whether that be via a diet of regular blog posts and newsletters or social media updates.

So first of all - a question.

Why should we be curating content?

Surely the last thing that we want to do is send readers off to look at another expert’s content? 

The answer to that is yes we do and no we don’t. I didn’t say this was simple now did I! 

Of course we do not want to push our visitors and followers to another company’s website. This is why we must be strategic in the content that we curate. 

That content should interest, help and entertain our community without pushing them towards our competitors. For example, I would always share content about general website design and content marketing. However, it would be less likely (although in certain circumstances I still might) to see me share the content of another Jimdo website developer.

The end game in content curation is that your audience, having appreciated the informative and interesting content that you have shared, will start to look deeper at you and what your business offers.

Content curation is booming because it offers businesses a quadruple win:

  • Win 1 - You get content to share on your blog and social media sites
  • Win 2 - Blogs and websites need the traffic that curation can offer
  • Win 3 - People need the content filter that curation can provide
  • Win 4 - You become respected as an expert in your field. 

Content Curation Strategy

So, how do you start curating content so that you can win too? Well, first, you will need a strategy. In this post, I will break this curation strategy down into six steps:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Collate a list of key topic areas
  3. Identify your industry’s key influencers
  4. Determine your curation frequency
  5. Select your online curation tools
  6. Create your own unique content.

#1 Identify Your Target Audience

The first step towards a successful content curation strategy is to identify your target audience.

Who do you want to attract with your content? What are they interested in? What problems or challenges do they have they you can solve by sharing great content?

#2 Collate A List Of Key Topics

Once you know your target audience, you can collate a list of key topic areas that they might be interested in. For example, if I was to curate content for an audience looking to build a new website, I might draw up a list like this:

I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture :)

#3 Identify Your Market's Key Influencers

Every industry has a number of key influencers. These are the people who have established a strong personal brand and who are respected for their expertise, experience and opinions. 

Find out who the influencers are in your market and follow them. Add them to a Twitter list (in itself a great curation tool) and make sure you catch and then share the content that they produce as this will likely be of great interest to your own audience.

#4 Determine Your Curation Frequency

How often will you need to curate content? Are you hoping to curate information for your blog? What is your ideal blogging frequency?

Are you hoping to curate content to feed your social media platforms. If so, how many social media posts will you need per day? 

The social media scheduling geniuses at Buffer, in their Social Media Frequency Guide, reveal that they tweet 14 times per day, post to Facebook twice per day, post on LinkedIn once a day and share content on Google+ twice a day. 

I tend to follow this advice, although I don’t always tweet as much to be honest. It all comes down to your time and what is a realistic schedule for you. 

#5 Select Your Content Curation Tools

As this area of content marketing becomes more popular, so more tools emerge to help you with your curation. Some are free and some (usually the ones with additional bells and whistles) charge a monthly or yearly fee.

Here are some of my favourite content curation tools:

  • Storify
  • List.ly
  • Sway
  • Alltop
  • Google Alerts
  • Feed Curator
  • Zipped News
  • Scoop.it
  • Newsle
  • Bundlepost
  • Curata
  • Postplanner
  • Triberr
  • Futurity
  • Buffer
  • Klout
  • LinkedIn
  • Smart Brief
  • Stumble Upon

(See below  a slide deck that gives a little more detail about each of these tools)

#6 Create Unique Content

In addition to curating content for your audience, you should also aim to create your own unique content. This content can take the form of regular blog posts, reports, infographics or webinars.

This is the content that you hope other people will curate and share with their audiences, thereby driving traffic and potential customers to your website or blog. 

I would also suggest putting your own unique spin on the content that you create. Why did you find that blog particularly useful? What was the key point in the research that you are sharing? Why do you disagree with the conclusions of an industry report?

If you put yourself  front and centre in your curation, you and your business will start to stand out from the crowd and become more visible - something that is becoming increasingly tricky to achieve.

How do you curate content? Do you experience any challenges in this area? Do you use any great tools? I’d love to hear about  your content curation experiences.

Do leave me a comment in the box below!

Take care and thanks for reading!

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