Thank Canva For Awesome Images

I love finding new things. However, it is rare to find something that truly makes a real difference. Yet every once in a while you can discover something that will (quite literally) change your life.


In my business, one of the most amazing discoveries that I have made is online graphic design tool, Canva.

I remember so well the day that I signed up for Canva.


I had been ‘virtually’ chatting with visual social media expert, Donna Moritz, and during this chat she suggested I give Canva a try.

However, her recommendation came with a health warning - be prepared to become addicted! 

Donna was right - from day one, minute one, I was hooked. And I have been using Canva pretty much every day since.

I was, therefore, not in the least bit surprised when I received an email from Canva telling me that they now have over two million users

Image Types

When I look back, I think that I was looking for a tool like Canva without really even realising it.

While not being a qualified graphic designer, I love to create online images for my business. I also create visuals for my clients. These graphics can include:

  • Web page graphics
  • Blog post graphics
  • Social media visuals
  • Infographics
  • eBook covers
  • Video graphics
  • Logos
  • Social media branding

I had been using Photoshop to complete these tasks but, to be honest, I was teaching myself to use this tool and this was often a slow and frustrating process.

How many times did I kick myself for not paying better attention to my designers when I edited magazines? Instead of standing by their desks suggesting this layout or that font, why didn’t I notice how they worked their magic?

Well, life is too short for such regrets I guess and I was slowly getting to grips with Photoshop. In addition, when I needed to complete simple graphic design tasks, I used the marvelous PicMonkey.

Indeed, I still do love PicMonkey and use it often.

So, how exactly did Canva revolutionise my business? 

Well, the answer is short and sweet really - Canva enabled me to make all of my visuals quickly and easily. No fuss, no complications. 

Using Canva For Online Images

5 Reasons Why I Heart Canva

1. Quick & Easy 

As I mentioned above, Canva is just so easy to use. In no time at all, I was able to create images that I felt proud of. I love Canva's drag and drop function and the way I can incorporate an image without having to worry if it will suffer from distortion. The layout lines enable me to keep everything centered (and looking good) and I have lots of fonts, colours, photos and graphic elements to play with. 

2. Fabulous Layouts & Terrific Templates

Canva offers a growing list of templates so that you don’t have to worry about your dimensions. The templates include:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media and Email Headers
  • Marketing Materials
  • Documents
  • Blogging and eBooks
  • Events
  • Ads

Having selected the template that you need, you are then presented with a gorgeous list of potential layouts. You can customise these layouts to meet your own design requirements. 

3. Design School 

Canva knows its audience and understands that many of us do not have formal graphic design training or qualifications. As a result, the company has created an online design school with lots of useful tutorials to inspire and educate.

4. Updates & New Stuff

I love the fact that Canva is always looking to get better. I often open the tool to find exciting new features (such as the great iPad version of Canva) layouts and templates.  

5. Awesome Customer Service & Engagement 

To keep myself up-to-date on all of the new features, I follow Canva on Twitter and Facebook. I often add a comment to one of their posts as they are so useful to me and my business. 

Canva almost always responds in such a warm and friendly way. This makes me feel a part of a community of Canva users.  

Meanwhile, I also find Canva’s customer service team to be extremely helpful if ever I have a question or a problem. 

I would really recommend Canva to anyone who would like to create visuals for their business.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and what new features they will develop.

Indeed, at the end of the email that they sent me to celebrate attracting over two million users, Canva adds that they “big plans for the future”. 

And I can’t wait to see what they have in store! 

Thanks for reading!

Do you use Canva? I’d love to see your latest designs! Let me know where to see them in the box below.

Jane x

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