The Ultimate List Of Blog Topic Ideas

50 Blog Topic Ideas

I get blog topic ideas in the strangest of places. For example, the other day, inspiration suddenly struck and I found myself with a head full of great ideas for blog posts.


Cue a frantic search in my bag for a pen and paper (I know, I’m so old school!).

As I scribbled away, I once again mentally thanked the very wise person who, when I started work as a journalist, told me to always carry a notebook.


This advice has proved invaluable. 


What happens when inspiration fails? 

What happens when those ideas go AWOL? What happens when you need to write a blog post, but you have no clue where to start?

Even though I have an editorial schedule for my blog, this still happens to me. It is a horrible feeling - particularly when you are under the pressure of time.

As a result, I decided to write a list of potential blog subject ideas in order to help me out of this type of sticky situation.


In this blog post, I am going to share this list of 50 blog topic ideas to help you if you need content inspiration.

I have segmented these ideas into five categories:

  • Lists
  • How To / Education Posts
  • Profiles / Stories
  • Reviews
  • Events

So let’s start!


List posts (or listicles as they are sometimes known) have been in for a bad rap recently. The other day, I read a post where a journalist asked if writing list-based articles was the beginning of the end for his writing career. Do list posts equal lazy content? 


Not at all.


As with so much in business blogging and content marketing, the devil is in the detail - and the quality of that detail, to be precise. 


When I am curating content, I find list articles a real draw. I know exactly what I am going to get and feel that a list will deliver a lot of content in an efficient and concise way.  


With that in mind, here are some list-based blog post ideas:

  1. The top 10 books in your industry
  2. The top 20 tools in your industry
  3. Top 10 myths about your industry - busted!
  4. Top 10 business secrets / industry secrets 
  5. Your top 10 most popular blog posts 
  6. The top 20 blogs that people in your industry should read
  7. Create the ultimate list of your industry’s key resources
  8. Top business hacks in your industry
  9. Top 100 industry influencers
  10. The 5 things you would do differently if you had your time again
  11. Top 15 greatest podcasts
  12. Top 50 inspirational quotations from your industry

How To / Education Posts

The most successful blogs are those that see a problem and try to solve it. 


You might feel nervous about trying to "educate" your readers but do not worry. You have experience and expertise that can be used in a 'how to' or tutorial blog post that will be so helpful and valuable to your audience. 


You don't have to be a world expert. Just share what has worked for you.

You can then ask your readers if they agree or if they have found another solution that they can recommend. Your blog can then be the beginning of a conversation and, who knows, that conversation could inspire another blog post!


Here are some topic ideas for educational blog posts: 

13. Create a ‘Beginners Guide’ to something in your industry

14. Write a 'How To' post about something in your industry or business

15. A comprehensive guide to something in your market

16. The biggest mistake you have made in your business and how to avoid the same trap 

17. Conduct research about a particular topic in your industry

18. Write a blog inspired by your FAQs

19. Create an A-Z on a particular topic

20. Create a quiz about your business / industry

21. Design a cheat sheet

22. Design an infographic

23. Pick a problem that your customers might have and then suggest a solution

24. How you can analyse your business performance

50 Ideas For Blogging Inspiration

Profiles / Stories

Trust me, your story or the story of your business is just so interesting to your readers.

Whether your readers want to emulate your success or whether they are potential clients who just want to get to know the real, human behind your business - never underestimate the power of storytelling.

Here are some blog topics that invite you to storytell in your business:

25. A look behind the scenes of your business

26. Your start-up story

27. Your first ‘aha’ moment

28. Interview key figures in your industry

29. Case studies

30. Showcase the success of a client / colleague

31. What the top influencers think about a particular trend/topic

32. Your aspirations for your business/industry

33. Create a timeline post

34. Write a blog in response to something that has happened in your industry

35. Write a blog countering something that has been said in your industry

36. Conduct a survey of your audience

37. Key facts about the development of your market

38. Your business anniversary - a look back and a look ahead

39. Post a video or a graphic telling the story of your day

40. Post your monthly expenses and profits sharing information about what is working best for you 


Reviews make for great blog posts.

Whether you love or loathe the book, product or service, a review is so valuable to your audience. It can also position you as an expert in your field.

Ideas for review posts include: 

41. New Books

42. New Tools

43. New Products

44. New Services

45. Best Apps


When I was editing a magazine, I used to love events because they pretty much guaranteed valuable content.

For example, beforehand, I would talk to those who were speaking or attending to see what they were expecting to gain from the event.

During the event, I would publish the news that was announced. Finally, after the event, I would commission feature articles looking at the overall effectiveness of the event and summarizing all of the key talking points.  

You can harness events and conferences in the same way for your blog. Topics can include:

46. The major events to watch out for in your industry

47. What to expect from a specific event

48. A round-up of the news announced at an event

49. A summary of the top discussions that took place at an event

50. How to survive industry events


Thank you for reading.

I hope that these blog topic ideas are helpful if you need a little bit of inspiration.


If you have more ideas for blog posts, please do leave them in the comments section below.

Take care, Jane x