5 Reasons To Use Video In Any Business 

5 Reasons To Use Video In Your Business

I cried today.  There, I admitted it. Why did I cry? Well, I was watching a video produced by WestJet which, long story short because if I think about it too much I’m going to go again, showed lots of Christmas wishes coming true (you can check it out below). 


Alongside the inspirational message, I was also struck, yet again, by the sheer power of video as a method of communication. No words could communicate the emotion on those faces. No static images could have made me tear-up like that. Video communicates with an audience on a really raw emotional level. 


While you may not want your audience to cry, you really do want to be using video in your business. If this is something that you have not yet explored, now really is the time to start. 

In this post, I will look at 5 key ways to use video in your business. I will then analyse just why you should take the trouble – what is the ROI for you?


Before we go further, I would just like to confront one important point. Do you run a business that isn’t particularly video-friendly? It is all very well for businesses that sell a physical product. Of course video would be a natural tool for them.  You, however, have a service – there is nothing to look at and, therefore, nothing to film. 


I am here to respectfully suggest that you are… well, wrong. 


I believe that any business can harness the power of video. It doesn’t matter what you sell. You have lots of opportunities to create a video. Take a look at the examples below and, if you still don’t believe me, let me know in the comments section below!


So having laid down that particular gauntlet, here are 5 Ways To Use Video In Your Business.

Introduce Your Business

A video is an excellent way to introduce your customers to your business. In the same way as traditional television or radio advertising, you can create footage that shows what you do and what you can offer.  


I have made lots of these videos for clients and I have also created one for myself (see below). 


Once you have made this presentation video, you can embed it onto your website like I have, share it on your social media platforms and include it in other marketing materials such as email newsletters.


Creating a video introduction will help you to stand out and grab the attention that you deserve.

Showcase Your Products Or Services

Video can help you showcase your products or services. If you have a physical product to sell (like the examples in the video below) you can use video to show it off to its full potential. You can also create a video where you film a customer using your product and chatting about how useful it is to them. 


If you offer a service or if your product isn't particularly photogenic, you may feel that your business is not the easiest of things to film. Do not worry. You can use a video to talk your audience through the strengths of your service, you can show a client using your product or service or you can create a video based on words and images. By this, I mean placing key information text over the top of a striking background or stunning image.  


You can also use images and video clips to suggest things to your viewer. For example, if you want them to relax because you have their accounting covered you could add a peaceful image of calm sea or a clear blue sky. No one is suggesting that is what you can sell! However, you want to convey a certain emotion – that you are capable, reliable and that your clients do not need to worry if they hire you.


Testimonial videos are some of the most powerful pieces of film you can hope for. On the successful completion of a service or following the happy sale of a product, you should ask your customer for feedback.  

You can take these comments and (as we discussed above) place the text onto a background and use that image in a video. You can also ask to film your customer giving their feedback. Potential customers prize such comments over pretty much anything else. Won a prestigious award? Meh. Seen 100% growth in sales? Meh. Got an effusive piece of feedback? Now you’re talking.

Educational Tutorials

Tutorials or the art of the ‘how to’ are where video really comes into its own. You can strengthen your client relationships by creating useful videos showing your clients how to use a product or service. 


Chances are that you have already made use of one of these on YouTube. Can’t put that shelf together? You have two choices. You can read those cryptic instructions one more time or you can take the easy route and search online for a video that will take you through all of the steps to success. 


If you have a service you can consider taking your client through all of the stages of that process via video. You can do this by recording your screen while you explain just how to get the most out of your business.    

Behind The Scenes

Video can also allow your audience a glimpse behind the scenes. 


You can do this in a number of ways. You can film your product from when it arrives in all of its component parts to when it emerges, all shiny, at the end of the production line. You can record interviews with employees or colleagues and allow your customers to see the real people behind your business.

You will be amazed at how interested people are in the behind the scenes stuff. Also, if they feel like they are getting to know you they are far more likely to return. 


A strong video marketing strategy will make all the difference to any business: no matter if that business sells a product or service, online or off. Studies show that a visitor will spend far longer on a website with a video. And you just can’t argue with the phenomenon like YouTube now can you? Shouldn’t your business be getting a piece of that action?


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment in the box below if you have anything that you would like to add.

Oh and here is that West Jet video... pass the tissues...

Take care, Jane x

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