How Pinterest Collaboration Can Boost Your Reach

What do you love the most about social media? For me, it is the chance to interact with people that I would never have otherwise met.

Sometimes that interaction is a simple meet and greet. Sometimes it is a question asked and then answered. Sometimes it is the chance to soak up some powerful storytelling.

Whatever the case, social media is a great place to collaborate. And, if teamwork is what you need, Pinterest has the solution.

In this article, I will look at the five key ways you can collaborate on Pinterest and how that collaboration will translate into a big win for your business.

Let's start with a thought about our followers. We have talked in the past about how to grow your followers on Pinterest. The great news is that I feel we are starting to move away from a social media society that is obsessed by follower numbers. It is follower quality, connection and potential collaboration that really counts.

I am always puzzled by those people offering to sell me thousands of social media followers or fans. Will all of those people be interested in what I have to say? Will they all need the social media storytelling services that I provide?  Some may but others will have businesses that may not need my particular services.

Now, I would rather have 100 genuinely interested followers than thousands of fans that really have no interest in me or my business.

In addition to that, I would rather follow people that I am interested in, whose businesses I would like to hear about, be inspired by and potentially buy products and services from.

This is why I really love Pinterest. For every Pin you repin, the platform shows you someone else who has also pinned that Pin. If that person or business is of interest to you you can then follow them to ensure that you continue to see the content that they are pinning. Chances are, if they feel the same about you and your content, they will follow you back.

Once you have built up a group of interesting and relevant followers, you can boost your business reach still further by collaborating with those businesses. So let's get to it. Here are my top five ways in which you can use  Pinterest to collaborate with people in your industry. 

1. Expand Your Reach

Once you ensure that you follow people and businesses that are relevant to you and your business, you can build up a relationship. You can comment on their content and suggest new information that they might find useful.

As this relationship builds, you can invite your contact to pin to one of your boards. (Make sure that you are both clear about what content is appropriate to pin.) The content that you pin to this board will then be seen by your contact’s followers as well as your own (and vice versa).

You can invite lots of contributors to a single Board. However, this can prove rather tricky to manage. You don’t want to spread the relevance of your Board too thin so as to make it irrelevant for everyone. Far better to have one contributor for each Board.

2. Get Popular - Join A Group

Another great way to collaborate on Pinterest is to look at what is trending that is relevant to your business. Look at what has been pinned on Pinterest’s ‘Popular’ stream by clicking the search box at the top right of your Pinterest page. Scroll down to see if anything that is currently trending fits in with what you and your business has to say.  Then join the visual conversation! By commenting or sharing useful images, infographics or comments you can start to collaborate with other Pinterest users. 

Meanwhile, look at those boards that are proving popular in your industry or market. Spend some time getting to know the owners of those boards. Interact with them in a genuine and authentic way. Once you have built up a relationship, ask to join that board so that you can add your valuable content and share your experiences and opinions. 

You can find popular group boards in your area of interest by using a free online tool called Pin Groupie. Once you have filled in the filters, you will be shown a list of relevant Pinterest Group Boards for you to take a look at. PinGroupie suggests that you favour those Boards with high likes and repins on page one as this will mean that new pins won’t be lost in a sea of content.

Remember that you are not necessarily looking for a sale here. You are being social and helpful. However, you never know where this collaboration may lead! 

3. Start A Guest Pinning Programme

Collaboration on Pinterest is an exciting prospect and one that you can use to market your business and draw new people in. For example, some businesses use a regular guest pinning programme. For a specific period of time, a trusted guest pins content to a particular Board (again, if you adopt this strategy make sure that your guest is aware of all your content guidelines).

You can then use social media to alert people in your market to this programme. If your guest is someone of interest in your industry, you will soon boost your reach.   

4. Show Your Clients That You Care

You can also use Pinterest collaboration to show your clients that you care about what they think and how they feel about your product or service. By inviting your customers to pin on a Pinterest board, you can show how much you value them.

In addition, you can have some fun with these Boards. For example, you can ask your customers to pin an image of them using your product or service. Alternatively, you could create a themed board for your customers to pin to. You can even make a competition out of this collaboration exercise! 

5. Engage With Your Community

Collaboration on Pinterest really allows you to engage with your community. This can be purely fun or it can be of value to your business’ future development. For example, at the start of a design project, you could create a Board where you and your collaborators can pin ideas and inspiring information. Alternatively, if you and a colleague are trawling the internet in order to research a new blog post, report or eBook you can store your findings in your group Pinterest Board.

A Pinterest Board will keep all of your information together in one easily accessible place. 

How To Do It

In order to collaborate on Pinterest via a group board you and your fellow collaborator have to be following each other. Once you are, simply go to the board and click edit. Enter the person’s first name and last name or email address under the “Who can add Pins” section. Click on their name and then click to save changes.

As the group board’s creator, only you will be able to edit the board’s name or description. In addition, only you will be able to remove people from the board, although the people that you invite can remove themselves. Finally, only you can delete a pin from the board.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any stories about how Pinterest collaboration has worked for you and your business, I would love to hear them. Tell me all about it in the comments section below!

Take care, Jane

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