5 Ways That You Can Get Noticed On Pinterest

It is becoming increasingly hard to get noticed on social media these days. We are all producing just such a lot of content. No sooner have you posted a blog, an image or a video and it gets buried beneath a tonne of fresh content from other posters.


When you start to use Pinterest for your business, you can feel rather overwhelmed by the task of getting your business to stand out from the crowd.


Not so much a little fish in a big pond but rather like plankton in an ocean!


In this article, you will discover five key ways to get noticed on Pinterest.


Pinterest is an amazing visual social media platform. However, with the launch of the channel’s Guided Search initiative, it is also a means of discovery. This is what makes Pinterest so powerful for businesses.


Increasingly, people will use the platform to find the things that they seek. If they are searching for something that you can provide, they will be in the perfect mind-set to convert into a customer once they do find you.


But first you need to be found.


Your first step is to take a look at your profile. Use a descriptive keyword at the end of your business name. For example, I have my company name, Pic Presents, followed by ‘Online Content Creation’.


You should also use your powerful keywords in your profile description. Make it easy for people to see who you are and what you offer.


Carrying on our keyword theme, you should make good use of these words in both your Pinterest Board and Pin descriptions. Pop those keywords in early in the description of your Board or Pin for the greatest effect.


In addition, your keyword descriptions should be short and simple.


Popular Board

Utilise Pinterest’s Popular Board to see what is trending. Think about how you can use these trends to promote you and your business. You may have to get imaginative here but if you can produce content that links in with what is already getting attention, some of that limelight will inevitably fall on your brand.


As with all social media marketing strategies, consistency is crucial. Decide how many pins you can commit to producing or repining per day and stick to that as much as you possibly can. You may find that a scheduling tool is helpful here.


Another good tip is to research the best times to pin on Pinterest. There are many different views on optimum pinning times. However, perhaps the most accurate way to discover when you should pin content on Pinterest is the time when your ideal audience will be there to see it.


You know your audience better than anyone. When do you think that they will have time to potter around Pinterest? Take a look at the activity of some of your clients. Are they pinning and repining at around the same time every day? If so, this gives you a good clue as to when you should be active.


Group Boards

Collaboration is a fantastic way to get noticed on Pinterest. Create a Group Board and invite a key contact to pin content to it. The content that you then pin to this Group Board is not only seen by your followers but is also seen by all your contact’s followers too. Group Boards are powerful tools and can be a win win for all parties.


Thanks for reading!


If you have any tips or tricks that you have found effective on Pinterest please do feel free to share in the comments section below!


Take care, Jane x

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