10 Great Ways To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Whether you have just created a Pinterest account to market your business or whether you have had one for ages, one thing will always be on your mind. How many followers do I have, should I have and how can I get more?! Well, the good news is that there are lots of ways that you can attract new followers to this visual social media platform and in this post I am going to look at 10 of them.


However, before I start, a word of warning. Pinterest is not all about the numbers of followers. It is more about who you follow and who follows you. You don’t need thousands of followers in order to market your business successfully on Pinterest. Think quality not quantity. It is far better to focus on building a targeted, relevant follower base.


That being said, you still need to be able to reach those key followers. Here are some tips and tricks to enable you to do just that.

Follow Key Influencers

Who are the key Pinterest influencers in your industry? Find out who they are and follow them. You can discover who these influencers are by using Pinterest analytics tools such as Tailwind and Curalate.


You can then engage with these influencers by repining their content and commenting on it. They may not always follow you back but, by engaging with them, your account will be seen by other people in your industry and they may well follow you as a result. 

Follow Other Pinners

As well as following the key influencers in your industry, you should also follow other people who are pinning content that is of interest to you and your business. Look for people with similar interests and follow them. If they like the content that you are pinning, chances are that they will follow you back!

Develop Relationships

Repining content from another Pinterest user is a good way of getting their attention. They will be notified that you have repined their image and may want to check you out as a result. If you pin an image, make sure that you give the creator of that content full credit and link it back to their pin or board. If you play nice, you will become more attractive to others.



The more that you engage with other Pinterest users, the more that you find that you have in common, the more human and helpful you show yourself to be the more followers you will gain.

Connect With Other Social Networks

Pinterest allows you to connect your account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will then automatically generate a tweet or post when you pin or repin content. In this way, any following that you have built up on these other two platforms will soon become aware of your presence on Pinterest. This is a very effective way of bringing some of your existing followers over to your Pinterest account.


Another tip is to introduce a ‘Pin It For Later’ link whenever you post content such as a new blog post or report. This works particularly well on Facebook. Your followers can either click through to read your content straight away or they can click to pin the content on one of their Pinterest boards to read when they have more time.

Audit Your Website

Make sure that you have a ‘Pin It’ button enabled on your website. This will allow your visitors to pin any interesting images on your site to their own Pinterest boards.


In addition, Pinterest offers several widgets to allow you to embed boards on your website and show your visitors your recent pinning activity.


All of this will alert visitors to your website of your presence on Pinterest and make them more likely to follow you there. 

Consistent Content

You need to commit to Pinterest in order to build up a strong follower base. Develop a realistic pinning strategy and be consistent. Share content that you find interesting, inspiring or amusing. Create your own unique content that potential followers will find irresistible. Do this enough and they won’t want to risk missing a single pin from you and will just have to follow you!

Create A Pinterest Contest


Another way to increase your followers on Pinterest is to create a Pinterest contest. Your viewer would then be required to follow you or one of your boards in order to enter that contest.


Pinterest does have some rules for businesses that want to use its platform in a contest. Pinterest states that you should not require people to pin your contest rules, you should not require a minimum number of pins for entry (Pinterest believes that one is enough) and you should not call your contest a “Pin It To Win It” contest. You can click here for the link to the rest of those all important rules.

Invite Board Contributors

Inviting other contributors to pin content to your boards is a great way to build your Pinterest following. When you extend that invitation (and it is accepted) anything you or your guest contributor pins to that particular board will be shown to your followers and their followers.

Use Pinterest's Popular Feed

In the same way that you can use what is trending on Facebook and Twitter to promote your business or content you can use Pinterest’s Popular Feed. Simply go to Pinterest and click the menu button on the top left hand side. Scroll down to ‘Popular’ and click. You will then see a feed of all the most popular pins.



Take a look at those pins and see how they might relate to your own business. However, don’t forget to be human too – you can engage with a pin that may not be related to your business but may, instead, relate to as a small business owner, working parent or book lover.


Engage, comment and repin these popular pins and you will likely come to the attention of lots of other Pinterest users. They may then take a look at the content that you are creating or sharing and decide to follow you.


Thanks for reading these ten ways to increase your Pinterest following.


Do you have any other tips or tricks for growing your following on Pinterest? I would love to read them in the comments section below!


Take care, Jane x


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