Pinterest Boards: 15 Ideas For Eye-Catching Content

I love Pinterest boards because they fulfil a need in me (and perhaps in all of us) to collect and categorise. I also love Pinterest boards because the content within them can be both up-to-the-minute and evergreen. When you pin visual social media content onto your boards, there it will stay for future use and viewing.


However, when you start looking to use Pinterest to market your business, it can be difficult to decide exactly what boards to create. Another important question concerns how many boards you should have. Pinterest has generously given you 500 boards to play with. Do you need that many? You can scroll for days down the profiles of some of the more prolific pinners!


It is important not to slump into overwhelm. Just create a handful of boards at first – you can (and most certainly will!) always add to your flock later. Take a look at the Pinterest profiles of the people in your industry that you respect and see what types of boards they have created. This may give you inspiration for your own categories.

 To create a Pinterest board, simply click your name at the top of Pinterest and then click “Your Profile & Pins”. Next click “Create A Board” and then choose a name and a category. Select a stunning visual to be your board’s cover image by hovering over your board and clicking “Change Board Cover”. Then scroll through your pins and pick your cover. You can drag and drop your boards so that they are in the best position on your profile page.

Pinterest Boards
Pinterest Boards

 Try to strike a balance between the boards that are specifically related to your business and those that intend to inspire, educate or entertain. People may become attracted to your Pinterest profile based on the non-salesy but helpful content that you create or the content that you repin from others.


Once you have managed to stand out from the crowd in this way, your viewer may well take a look at what you offer or, even better, click on an image that you have pinned in order to check out your website.

Powerful Search Engine

Pinterest is part social media platform and part powerful search engine. Indeed, with the launch of the network’s Guided Search facility, some commentators have speculated that Pinterest may soon give Google a run for its money! It will certainly be interesting to see how things pan out as we move increasingly towards a visual, image-centric social media approach.


For your small business, you need to view your boards with this search aspect in mind. Make your content as easy as possible for your customers to find by devising a strong theme and creating one topic per board. Say, for example, your business creates custom cakes. A potential customer is searching Pinterest for cake ideas for her wedding. She particularly wants a chocolate cake.


Do you think she would be more attracted to a board that is called “Cakes” or a board that is entitled “Delicious Chocolate Wedding Cakes”?


I know that I would always go for the board that most specifically meets my needs. I don’t really want to rummage about in a board for what I want if I can find it immediately somewhere else. Always make life as easy as possible for your customers.

 If you need some inspiration in your board creation process, perhaps consider some of the following 15 awesome Pinterest board ideas:

Products and Services Boards

Create boards that display images of your products. Make sure you include a price as research has found that listing a price on Pinterest leads to more sales. If you do not sell products but offer services you can create visuals that represent those services instead. 

Quick Start Guides or FAQ Boards

Create a board that contains all the information that your customer needs about your business in one handy place!

Testimonial Boards

What better way to display your testimonials and celebrate your hard earned social proof than by creating a special Pinterest board?

Design Boards

A design board can feature images that represent the visual nature of your business or its ethos. You can experiment with your brand's colour palates here or show your customers what inspires you.

Employee Boards

Allow your employees to have their own boards to pin to. This will enable your clients to see the personalities behind the scenes of your business.

Events and Conferences

A Pinterest board is the perfect place to collate information and content both before and after an event or conference.

Video Boards

Boards do not only house images, they can contain videos too. Create boards for your promotional and instructional videos. 

Client Boards

You can create a board in order to invite your top clients to pin to it. Collaborative boards can be extremely effective so long as each party knows what content is relevant and what might not be as appropriate! In addition, you can also create boards that showcase the way your key customers use your products and services.

Location Boards

Pinterest allows you to create Place Boards, which attach a location to each pin and can plot those pins on a map. These boards can be great for showing your locations or where your clients are based.

Ideas and Clippings Board

Create a board that contains all of your ideas and clippings for future products or services, blogs or videos. If you want to keep these ideas under your hat, consider making these boards secret (see below).

Favourite Pinner Boards

If there is an industry influencer that you admire or someone who pins consistently relevant content why not consider creating a board in their honour?

Recommendation Boards

Read a fascinating book recently? Watched an informative and engaging video? Found an amazing new tool? Why not create a board containing your key recommendations? 

Inspirational Boards

Don't forget that your Pinterest content should inspire your followers. Consider creating a board of positive and uplifting images and quotations.

Humorous Boards

There is also a lot of humour on Pinterest. For some light relief, create a board with funny pictures and comments.

Seasonal Boards

Keep relevant with seasonal boards. Once the season has passed, simply move the board to the bottom of your profile.



Once you have decided what boards you would like to create, you can start to fill them with amazing and compelling visual content. You can plan, prepare and populate your Pinterest boards before you launch by making them secret boards. These are boards that only you will be able to see.


Just click your name at the top of Pinterest and then click “Your Profile & Pins”. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click “Create A Secret Board”. The secret setting will be set to “Yes”, which means that your board is secret. If, at a later stage, you decide to make that board public you can change the setting to “No”. Finally, choose a name and a category for your board and click “Create Board”.


Secret boards have lots of uses and can also be great when you need to collaborate on projects as you can invite people to view the content in them. Watch out for my post on Secret Boards coming soon!



Once you have created your boards, get ready to promote them! Every board has its own URL that you can use to share on your other social media networks.


In addition, Pinterest now allows you to spotlight your boards on your own website. Simply go to the board that you want to show on your site, click the <> button and grab the code that you need. Finally, place that code onto your site. Your visitors can now see your board, view all your latest pins and follow you all right on your website!


Thanks for reading!


Take care, Jane


What other Pinterest boards have you created? I would love to know – why not leave a comment below!


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