20 Ways To Kick Start Your Pinterest Marketing

Visual social media is hot. You know your business needs to embrace it and use sites like Pinterest to market your brand.


However, just because you know that you should have a social media marketing strategy for Pinterest does not mean that it is always easy to come up with a consistent flow of high quality, visual content.


Indeed, it is all too easy to fall victim to writer’s (or should I say pinner’s?) block.


In a previous life, I was a journalist and editor of an international derivatives publication. I really didn’t have time to suffer from writer’s block but that didn’t stop that flashing cursor from tormenting me from time to time!


As a result, I developed a 5 step strategy to overcome this issue.



Step one involved the creation of a content schedule. This helped me to focus as I would know what I was going to write about and when.


For step two, I involved the collection of data and the creation of folders for each topic on that content schedule. I would keep those folders topped up with notes and relevant.


My next step (step three) would be to research my topic and find out what the key people in my industry thought about the issues involved.


Step four saw me create a mind map where I placed the topic’s title in the middle and had all of the key points that I wanted to make shooting out from that central point (like a spider diagram). I would then arrange those points into my article plan.


Finally, for step five, I would take a break and let the information settle in my mind. I would then be ready to start creating content!


The great thing about creating content on Pinterest is that the social media platform itself can help you with these five steps. Your content schedule can become boards where you can place relevant information on an on-going basis.


You can also use Pinterest for market research. What are your clients and the key people in your industry pinning about your topic? 


However, it can still be tricky to kick-start your Pinterest editorial process. So, here are a 20 ideas that I hope will help get those creative juices flowing!

Social Media

Look at what is trending on your social media networks for timely content ideas.

Popular Feed

Take a regular look at Pinterest’s Popular feed and think about how you can make that content relevant to your brand.

Industry Debate

If there are interesting debates going on in your industry don’t be afraid to join in and write about what you think.


Many businesses have a list of frequently asked questions on their websites. Place the answers to these questions into a series of visual overlays or expand your answers into blog posts.

Business Processes

You will be surprised at how interested your colleagues and customers are by your business processes. Give them a behind the scenes sneak peak!

How To Guides

Create content that shows your customers how to use your product or service. Instructographics and videos are great for this type of content.

Reports And Surveys

Conduct products and surveys of your clients or your industry in general. The results will give you lots of content to play with from quotes to statistics, blog posts to infographics.

Events And Conferences

Events are great places to find new content ideas. For example, you can create a real-time stream of visuals summarising the key talking points of a conference and then, once the event ends, you can write up your take on all the developments.

Historical Perspectives

Write content based on how your industry has grown and developed over the past year or five years. Have industry predictions come true? If not why not?


Have a calendar with a list of all anniversaries relevant to your industry. It may be ten years since a particular and ground-breaking product launch. It may be five years since you started your business. There is great potential for content here.

Industry Round-Ups

Take a topic relevant to your industry and write about it in detail. Give your readers all the information they will need about this topic – past, present and future.

Tweet: Don't be afraid to ask your community what content they would like you to produce! @picpresents


You can often find great content ideas from engaging with your followers. Don’t be afraid to ask these followers what content they would like to see you produce.


Use the comments from your customers and colleagues to inform your content creation process.


Don’t be afraid to be human when producing content. Tell stories. For example, your customers might be interested to know what made you start your business. You can also bet that they will be fascinated by the mistakes that you have made and what you have learned as a result.

Content Repurposing

Make the most of your content by repurposing it in different forms. For example, take the key points from a recent blog post and make a slide show or video. Extract the statistics or quotations from an article and create a series of compelling social media graphics. Alternatively, combine a series of related blog posts and make an e-book.

New Products

A new product launch is great for inspiring content ideas. Be it a product or service from your own brand or another business, you can write about it, the reaction to it and why you believe it will be successful.


If you have read a good business book recently, why not consider spreading the word by writing a book review?


People are interested in people and so profiles always make for compelling content. You can profile an industry influencer, an employee or one of your important customers.


What really drives you around the bend? What irritates you about your industry? Don’t get mad get writing! It really is quite therapeutic!

Seasonal Content

Use the seasons to inspire your content creation process. How can your ideal client best use your product in summer or in winter? Will your service allow your customer to spring clean their business processes?


Thanks for reading! Take care, Jane x


Do you have any other content ideas for Pinterest? Just let me know in the comment section below!


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