5 Ways To Create Awesome Content

Content creation is now an essential part of any business marketing plan.


However, producing that content can often become overwhelming.


Where should you start, what do you need to cover, how much should you produce? Arrghh!!


To combat the content stress, you need our five tips to help you produce awesome content for your business.


1. Know your audience – who are you writing this content for? Think about your potential readers. What are the problems they have that you could help solve? What are the issues that they are interested in? Once you have made a list of these issues, you can transfer them into powerful content topics.


2. Add value – now that you have your topics, you need to find out how you can add value. You can do this by writing a list of top tips or you could educate your readers with step-by-step guides.


You can review the latest product or service in your industry or explain how a new development will impact your market.


A word of warning: do not use your content to just sell, sell, sell your own services. That can be a huge turn off. However, if you help someone via your blog, the chances are that that person will want to find out more about you and perhaps how your business can help them.


3. Be Yourself – relax, don’t be overly formal and feel free to let your own personality shine through. Include anecdotes from your own experiences and be human and real. There is a lot of content out there and if you can make yours enjoyable and valuable you will hit the jackpot!


4. Edit and let go – once you have created your content, give yourself some time away from it before you send it out into the world. Then come back and re-read what you have created. You may now see things that you need to change or add. Edit your content and then let it go.


5. Be consistent – consider the time that you can devote to content creation and formulate a realistic and achievable schedule. Once you have this schedule in place, stick to it at all costs! Consistency is really important.


I hope that you find these tips useful.


Thank you for reading. I would love to hear about your content creation tips… why not leave a comment below!


Take care, Jane