How To Make Better Use Of Smartphone Cameras

Some thought that camera phones would never catch on. The technology was dismissed as a fad and a gimmick. Incredible right? Today, it is hard to imagine where we would be without our camera phones. However, are we using them to full advantage?

Here are our top five ways in which we can make better use of the cameras on our smartphones:


1. Sharing the moments that matter

The cameras in our smart phones enable us to take wonderful snaps of the key moments in our lives. The fact that we always have our phones on us or near us means that nothing need be left unrecorded.


However, what happens then? Well, for many of us, not much. The vast majority of these images and clips are left unshared - gathering virtual dust if you will. This just seems like such a shame when there are so many things you can do to celebrate your photos and preserve your memories.


For example, you can download your images and transform them into a video or photo book. Alternatively, you can upload your photos onto a personal website or share your images and clips on your social media networks.


2. Noting the important

I confess, I use my smartphone's camera as something of a memory substitute! If I want to remember something I take a photo - much like a virtual post it note!


For example, I recently used the camera on my smartphone to record a shopping list. I took a photograph of a recipe in a cook book and then sourced the ingredients from this photo while I was in the supermarket.


You can also use your smartphone camera to record notes at presentations - this saves you from having to scribble them all down and leaves you free to participate.


3. As a scanner or photocopier 

Your smartphone can copy, save and collate important things such as receipts and expenses. Useful when you don’t have a photocopier or scanner to hand!


4. Bagging a deal

Have you ever been out shopping and wondered if you could get something cheaper online? Happens to me a lot! However, you can double check prices by using your smartphone camera to scan the barcode of a product and then search for deals online. For example, Amazon offers a useful app to help you get the right deal.


5. Translating a foreign language

Languages were never my strong suit so when my children ask me to help them with their French or Spanish homework I am always a little nervous. However, now, if I get stuck, I simply photograph the text using Google Translate - problem solved! 


Do you make the most of your smartphone camera? 


Thanks for reading!


Take care, Jane

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