Top 3 Reasons Why Property Videos Rock

People love watching videos - fact. After all, can over 1 billion monthly YouTube users be wrong? So why aren’t you using the power of video in your property marketing? Perhaps this might change your mind.


24/7 Property Viewings

When you use video in your property marketing you enable potential buyers to view a property 24/7.  


And all from the comfort of their own home!


Property videos lure buyers in by presenting them with a stunning array of clips and images. 


By showing enough of a property to tempt a buyer but not too much so as to make a viewing seem redundant, you will secure more serious viewings. All of which has the win win effect of ensuring happier clients!

Stand Out From The Crowd

Video can help estate agencies stand out from an increasingly competitive crowd. For example, you can use video to present your own business personality and brand. Such a video would showcase your experience and expertise while, at the same time, allowing you to connect with potential sellers by injecting your own personality into the video.

Go The Extra Mile

In order to be successful in business you often have to go the extra mile. Property videos allow you to achieve just that. Your website will look incredibly professional with the addition of a property videos. In addition, you will certainly impress clients when you email or text them the link to a video of their dream property.


Another great way to use video in your property business is by presenting a gift boxed property DVD to your clients once they have moved in. What better way to ensure fantastic word of mouth and repeat business?


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