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Here at Pic Presents we take pride in creating your ideal online presence.


We design truly stunning websites and create high quality content for your business.


We also produce amazing videos and design share-worthy visuals to to help you with your online marketing efforts. 

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We work with you to produce a design that is a perfect fit for your brand and business vision. 


Our websites showcase the best of beautiful design.

In addition, they are simple to navigate, functional and easy for you to update in the future.


All this and we are affordable too - a win win if ever there was one!

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Website Design In 10 Easy Steps

Website Design Key Questions

Thinking of developing a new website? Need to redesign an old one?


The best way to ensure a smooth, stress-free design process, is to follow these ten easy steps to effective website development.



By considering these key questions, you are more likely to achieve the website that you want and need.  


These ten stages will also help you to avoid endless redesigns.


Importantly, they will ensure that your new website will work hard for you and your business.


In this article, I will start by listing the ten questions that you should consider when designing a website.


I will then look at each of these questions in more detail. By the end of this post, you will know all you need to know before you start to create your perfect online presence.


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